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Scent category: woody


Our best-seller! Pine Barrens is a fresh, herbal take on your standard pine candle, and is lovely throughout the seasons. This fan-favorite combines top notes of evergreen and sage with undertones of teakwood, cedar, and green apple. Named after New Jersey’s mysteriously beautiful Pine Barrens.

Townhouse Alley candles are hand-poured in Philadelphia using a blend of soy and local beeswax with a crackling wood wick, and are free from paraffin and phthalates. The 4 oz candle comes in a silver tin while the 8 and 14 oz come in amber-colored jars.

Pine Barrens

PriceFrom $12.00
  • 8 oz

  • *please note that this is a handcrafted candle made with natural materials, resulting in slight variability. This does not affect candle scent or performance.

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